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Dermox model for doctors, nurses and clinic owners

So what does our Dermox business model offer doctors, nurses and clinic owners that differentiates it in a crowded cosmetic injectables market? Put simply, we believe Dermox offers the best of all worlds to our members.


Market leading b-toxin and dermal filler products from Nestlé’s dermatology subsidiary, Galderma.


Our ongoing, scheduled injector training program allows all our doctor and nurse members to remain at the forefront of best practice, consulting and personal injecting skills’ development. We offer this in conjunction with our colleagues at Galderma, every month.

The best Pricing

The consolidated scale of our network allows all Dermox members to access possibly the lowest prices in Australia across the b-toxin, dermal filler and ancillary range. Ask us what membership of Dermox would mean for your cost base on everyday cosmetic injectable products. Our no-minimum-order status itself is an exceptional benefit.


The Dermox brand encompasses professional expertise and certainty. Professional expertise because Dermox, Galderma and our members are fully engaged in matching clinical excellence with customer needs; Certainty because all Dermox member doctors, nurses and clinic owners are committed to the Dermox Customer Charter – which outlines the professional, regulatory and clinical journey that every customer can expect when they visit a Dermox member.


Our compliance program is designed to spell out the need for adherence to Australian medico-legal legislation and regulation. B-toxin and dermal filler products are listed as Schedule 4 medications and require a treatment plan to be drawn up and face to face consultation with a doctor, before those medications can be prescribed or injected. Dermox members embrace medico-legal compliance and are committed to safe injecting and service.

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For our doctor, nurse and clinic members, this has a positive flow-on effect, offering their customers the best environment for a safe, legally compliant and skilled cosmetic injectables service.