In what is very much a collaborative group of practitioners, the Dermox team are cohesive and focused on continual improvement. They understand the benefits of sharing knowledge and ongoing support to ensure the best outcomes and ongoing care are their top priorities.


Attending Dermox scheduled monthly training, industry events, and working closely with the Dermox contract trainer, our team work together to revisit anatomy, their scope of practice, and upskill to deliver consistent results to the highest possible standards.


Each Dermox cosmetic nurse is dedicated to their own Dermox clinic. We regard continuity of care as central to the Dermox story. Our team commit themselves to their individual clients’ ongoing care and are consequently dedicated to a specific clinic.


Once on the journey, the Dermox team want to keep you as their client. They know that your outcome and their service are key to this. They will continue to CONSULT, REJUVENATE AND DEDICATE themselves to your care.